Project year 1964

dated 2010 until 2010 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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You Got To Move


Feet placed in liquid pump. Porcelain face with the know cracks The main part of the machinery with a stove pipe on top Bolts, nuts and rivets.   All made of clay.

Playing minds


Boxvorm performed in tear sheet On rods placed in porcelain faces with cracks. From the back of the heads resurrected two suspension briges. The decks of suspension bridges constructed in the form of a checkerboard pattern. On this board are chess pieces in porcelain clay and oxide. A geography of bars, bolts and rivets makes it an exciting game.  

Innocent And Pure


Boxvorm performed in tear sheet. Head placed on rods. Porcelain face is divided into three parts and salvaged by nuts with pictures. By the curved rods which radiatses the face in balancing the unit off. The look with iron bolts, nails and connecting link plates make the work pure.

The Iron Bride


  Female Bust with head. By bars reinforced body with machine parts. A breast in teardrop plate as a finishing touch with a large nipple nut, go whole trimmed with iron rivets it fired in the kiln. Copper pipes run across the bust. At the back, the head adorned with a crown of twisted iron. Also there is a fuse box in the back that provides the energy of women. The plugs and sparks plugs are original, like the copper tube. The rest is all made of clay and iron have a look along been strengthened by various bolts and rivets also made of clay.   The whole is a tribute to the women. Many woman who married usually had no choice in a career that had al redy been established. The woman now has a choice and not necessarily predestined.